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Comics about games!.....
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Monday, June 14, 2010

Whatever happened to my cartoons? Differences between now and then...

A recent conversation has spurred me into remembering the good ole days that was Cartoon Network/Toonami/Adult Swim and Saturday morning cartoons. MA CHILDHOOD! I know people always feel like their generation had the best stuff, but when comparing my old cartoons vs whatever the hell kids are watching now, I can only shake my head in disgust at the new generation of animation.

Remember shows like Dragon Ball Z? Ed, Edd, N' Eddy? Johnny Bravo? Spiderman? Batman? Gargoyles? Dexter's Lab? The many Gundam shows? Foster's Home? Doug? Pokemon? Digimon? Justice League? Adult Swim's block which was actually good for the most part?

Good times. Good times.

I also remember shows like All That, essentially the very dumb down version of SNL. Annnnd Kenan N Kel-ORANGE SODA! (Ok...not aniomation..but it's MA CHILDHOOD!)

Good times. Good times. :3

One of my personal favs was actually Megas XLR- this series pays homage to anime, video game parodies, and all things pop culture (such as MTV). The coup de grace is that the story takes place in my state, New Jersey, and in nearly every episode NJ gets obliterated. Especially Hoboken. :3

Now I really don't watch cartoons anymore, getting too old for them. I think the last one I watched that was actually new was Avatar the Last Airbender. And I have to admit, I rate it as a very good show. But aside from that, nothing has really grasped my interest as Avatar and some of the old shows did. I mean, I guess my medium now is anime, but good ones are too few in between for my taste now (FYI, the types of anime I prefer to watch are like Ghost in the Shell, Code Geass, FLCL, Eureka Seven, etc...not so much Naruto and Bleach). One would be lucky to get good ones once every 4 or 5 years. Maybe more if you don't want one trapped in filler and crap animation that is on the level (or worse) of the Backyard Baseball computer games.

(Is that guy's head actually a fetus in disguise?)

As for the current generation, I am guessing animated shows are being replaced with shows of other genres entirely, such as American Idol and other live action shows. I have only glimpsed of what CN has to offer as I flip through the channels, and all I can do is just....shake my head.

I mean looking back some of the shows I mentioned ARE overrated but they were the talk at school and of friends. I just cringe to even ponder what kids are watching now.

I mean c'mon animators and studios-give us a new Avatar quality show! Or a show like Megas XLR. Stop sitting on your asses!

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